We are all higher-mental beings, but most are imprisoned within their brain's programming, chemical addiction cycles, trauma responses and other external conditioning. Using NLP techniques and guided hypno-meditation with subliminal messages, we can begin re-wiring, free you from self-destructive habits and separate out the You (observer) from the thoughts (observed). This is accomplished with the help of a state-of-the-art light machine technology.


Your heart center (physical heart+heart chakra) is a superpower! No meaningful progress can be made spiritually or otherwise without opening this center, learning the difference between feelings and emotions and leading with Love in all things. We can progressively turn up the volume using high-energy touch, Pranic healing and various healing modalities. Kozma specializes in, "hard wear" repair, especially for active duty and retired military personnel as well as those with Mother (early neglect, detachment, affection-withholding) wounds.