Sensual Alchemy

Intimate offerings to female guests only, for trauma release, relaxation and healing.

Goddess Rising

Bespoke ceremonies, catered to your individual needs.

Sessions begin with a dual-stream shower, during which you are exfoliated using a custom-scented salt scrub. Afterward, my super moisturizing VELVET balm is applied to your entire body while I activate your meridian system. Touch therapy levels are tailored to your needs and comfort level, up to including Yoni blossoming. Please understand this is not a sexual service in any way, but sensual alchemy to generate creation energy for higher chakra purposes and/or to help you move past touch-avoidance that has developed due to trauma or neglect. We end with guided meditation, during which a cold face mask is applied and a warming foot treatment, while under a red light therapy machine for skin rejuvenation OR my state-of-the-art Lucia light machine for natural DMT release (imagine a kaleidoscope combined with a strobe light. Optional tingling scalp cleansing and growth treatment for no extra charge.

Each guest takes home a goodie bag filled with Sacred Scrub, Velvet, bath or foot soak satchels and a candle. All products made in-house of the highest quality ingredients on the market. ($150 value).


Cash, credit card, weekly payment installments, Venmo or CashApp accepted. MMS initiates or clients of a doctor in our care network use code OHANA for 20% OFF.

Session is 90 minutes, but please allow 2 hours in your schedule, as I do not rush the work that needs to be done and every guest has different needs.

Due to a full roster, we are currently not accepting online scheduling. Please arrange a time by messenger, text or e-mail.